We WORSHIP together

Here, we worship together bringing our hearts truthfully and longingly to God. Find Hope, Love, and Encouragement, this a fellowship of and in, The BELOVED.

When we worship together, it becomes joy, an abounding joy that seeks God in unison. What could be more wondrous and hopeful? It is our hearts together, loving and desiring him that becomes our own response to God’s invitation to know him- this is true worship. We boldly declare our need for God. We lift our eyes from whatever obscures our vision in ‘this world’ and turn to him with hope and faith. Our worship is answered with a resounding “Yes”. God is with us, beside us and His Spirit is within us at the very core of our hearts.

We are God’s children called to know Him.

1 John 4:7 “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.”

Worship is a very special word. 

John Owen wrote, “men honor God most when they come to worship hungry and expectant, conscious of need and looking to God to meet them and supply it.”

He expounds that “in worship the saints do not merely seek God; they also find him. Worship is not only an expression of gratitude, but also a means of grace, whereby the hungry are fed, so that the empty are sent away rich. For “there is in worship an approach of God to man. God’s presence in his ordinances is a reality; God is essentially present in the world, graciously present in his church. God delights to approach to men, and converse with them in the worship instituted in the gospel.”

Our Worship, Our Song, Our Joy

“When we commune with God in worship, our affections join with him in the holiness of belonging. We speak into Love, towards Love, and with Love. This is the song that we sing. This is the bird flying out through the window, free to be with Him. Worship is being received by God in His sanctuary of eternity from here, from now into forever.” L.Willows


We have hope and joy in God

The BELOVED is dedicated to hope and encouragement, in these pages- find hope, stir your heart. Here, you will find much to delight in; articles by authors and theologians of distinction; scripture and commentary, original worship prose and poetry, prayer for many occasions and special times and a vast collection of resources for further study in both prayer and Christian sites.

Here are some examples of what you will find inside. Please use the Archives and the search box to explore!

Explore Beloved!


“The Belief, Vision, and Joy of a Quiet Heart”, from Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones

“Take Heart, be Strong, do not Give Up”, Scripture to Inspire, Prayer to Begin Again from L.Willows

“What Shall We Hope For”, Timeless Quotes to Encourage and Inspire

“Reasons to Hope”, from Ligonier Ministries written by David Murray

“Faith Stays! Bold Humility”, Scripture, Notes and Prayer”, from L.Willows

Loving God

“Walking with God” by Tim Keller ~ learning to grow through trails by learning a ‘new walk’.

“Honoring God”, by David W. Hall, speaks from TableTalk of Ligonier Ministries

“What is Honor in the Bible?”, from L.Willows with Prayer to Honor God

“Beloved, Let Us Love One Another”, 1 John 4:7-21 from Charles Spurgeon


“St. Augustine’s Four Rules of Prayer”, from Tim Keller

“The Privilege and Power of Prayer” from C.S. Lewis Institute

“Kingdom-Centered Prayer”, from Tim Keller

“The Hidden Life of Prayer”, from David MacIntyre

Worship in poetry

“We are the Children that Live in Love’s Lend”, a worship poem from L.Willows

“God’s Pew Calls All To-“, a worship poem from L.Willows

“With Love That Outlasts”, a worship poem from Linda Willows

“This, but a Moment”, a Praise poem from L.Willows (joy, His glory)

A Raindrop’s Thirst”, a worship poem from L.Willows

And Discover:

PRAYER,breathing God
POETRY, bare words blossoming

Thank you for visiting! It is a wonderful journey, a learning experience to publish “Beloved”. I am very grateful for the opportunity to explore along with all that read here. I began this as an inspirational/devotional poetry site about 8 years ago and my heart became transformed by worship and prayer!


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