You are invited to enjoy and explore “The BELOVED”.
It is about Love, the sojourn towards Love and Finding God in the midst of all life. We are each joined by a divine mystery to fathom but it is one that we will only see and know with the eyes of our true Heart.

God really is Near.
It is the miraculous discovery that God is near, and ever faithful to us, even when we cannot yet see or have turned away. The Love of The Beloved One, Lord Jesus, that The Almighty One sent to redeem us because of His unfathomable “cascading Love” that outpours to His Creation gave us more than the sacrifice of His Son on the Cross. We, for all time, saw the veil lifted between heaven and earth; the resurrection of a sinless life lifted while suffering for the shame and sin of all mankind gave us the substitution. The life of Jesus as he gazed out upon all in final moments in victory seeing not the darkness of this world still but the hearts of all of us, as my Pastor quotes. “He was joyful, He saw us at the Cross. He saw all that would be led to The Father and the Reunion in The Kingdom. Nothing held Him to the Cross. Gazing at our hearts, those of all to come filled and lifted Him on the Cross.”

I share all with you.
I did not fathom “followers”. It really should not matter, nor should “likes” and comments. When we let something go, it is like singing a song from an open window. I hear it once. God hears us forever. The “internet” is risky but real life and walking away from God is much more dangerous! We were a group of about 30 poets. The aim was never perfection or even editing; just to let the heart speak and precipitate. Within these pages are more than seven years of my own journey; all writings that call out to God. In recent years I became more interested in what the great pastors of recent and “old” times had to say. Soaking in these gave me great delight. Sometimes a worship poem rises up and I sing it out to Christ on these pages.

I walk in Joy.
For a long while now, I feel a joy that does not recede; my gaze is upon Christ. Whatever dissolves gladdens me even if it is challenging because I know that it can only bring be closer to Him. That kind of Peace is anchored in living for the precious Love of Jesus. The treasure of living in His Love as worth more than anything else in this world.

Who am I?
…I am you, a heart carved of clay imbued with the seed of His Spirit, of The Lord God- purposed for Him, named by Him from the womb; called on the hour set in all creation known only by The Holiest of Holies.

My Prayer for You
I pray that this moment leads your heart to the wondrous awakening of God’s Holy Presence. May the splendor of His Grace abound and shine before you. Let the instant be filled with the intercession of The Spirit’s touch upon your Heart, that you walk forward as His Beloved, a child of God. We each, together as one In Christ, can be Love walking forward.

An Invitation
You are welcome to contact me with questions or comments. Your email will be kept private!