Psalm 46.5 “Since God is in her midst, she will not be shaken…” offered by LWillows



“In Solitaire”… a worship poem by LWillows

In solitaire I walk this morn,
with non but light’s soft hue adorn.
Within this path that finds my soul,
I pray Gods’ keeping, life found whole.

For in taking of all things;
the swift removal times can bring…
I root myself upon one Bright
and dearest thing with every might…

In solitaire the Soul is known
begotten,loved and never Lone.

©2018 republish Linda Willows 2012

Photograph by Kupavna

“The Holiness of receiving”, a prayer from L.Willows

OflowersFR136843Tom Kinney
When we open our arms to receive
we must open our palms upwards
and like children with trust in the one
that we are receiving from
we need faith.

Faith placed in things of this world
can not always be steady;
Some have learned by life’s trials not to trust
and then the heart will guard against receiving.
Our hearts are so gently crafted by Our God.
It must grieve Him to see us wounded.

Even vulnerabilities are pure and soft,
the curve that cups in our palms and hearts turns up
not down, or to the side, especially not down
lest we loosen the gift or not find it at all.

Receiving asks us to lift our hearts and faith upwards.
If we see nothing at first; like a child
we learn the patience of persistent…waiting because
we know our the Giver to be kind, steady and more Faithful
to us than we could fathom for He is the Giver of Faith.

The Faith of Our Lord Christ has that strength.
Our giver answers our upward turned palms
and sees our arms when they open to receive.
Our Father knows our hearts so well that He hears
our prayers even before we form them,
and knows all of our needs before they are spoken.

Becoming like “a child” is to become pure and innocent
in our hearts and minds before him.
In such purity, His Holiness can permeate us-
live to soak our lives and circumstances in His Blessings
and the lavish the Love of all the Good that He wishes
us to receive In His Name.

The Holiness of receiving is asking in His Name and
allowing His Spirit and will to enter your heart
and life, unimpeded…looking up, out and with heart and palms turned up.

© 2017 Linda Willows