“Can You See My Soul’s Pew” a Praise poem from LWillows

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Burning, heart learning all forwards to You
unknowing, unseeing, pulse motions sway,
Wearing the cares that long for your view
Lord, I am calling, reaching, seeking
Can you see me, in my soul’s pew?

Hoping, trusting, wanting just nearly to be
Yours in close keeping
Safe, home and adoptee…
This true assembly, my only heart’s aim
Lord, I am praising, seeking, praying
Can you touch this heart’s frame?

Make tender all that tosses.
Mellow soft what rebels.
Keep near what delights.
And subdue what must be lost.
Keep me in Your Reign that I stand at The Cross.

Oh longing, heart leaning all forward to see.
Pray knowing and trusting all motions to be,
Wearing the cares made holy, made sure,
Lord, I am praising, bending and bowing of cure,
Touch all that is Yours, let all Love near endure.

© 2018 Linda Willows

Psalm 143:8
Let me hear Your loving devotion in the morning, for I have put my trust in You. Teach me the way I should walk, for to You I lift up my soul.


“Soaked in Grace”…a worship poem by LWillows

Soaked in Grace

As a tide that rises from east to west,
then bursts from within and turns round to grip
fills with the sands and the stones of the earth…
my heart is loosened, undone at it’s girth.

Winds come home to bring up the surf
swept in with barrels of ancient life’s scrolls.
How deep is the current that follows my heart
before, between and beside all life’s start.

Wave crests fly up and dare mists to the sky.
The Heavens could mingle in clouds that go by.
But here is my footprint sinking in sand,
earthbound, in pebbles at the edge where I stand.

Oh tide of hearts homecoming, souls to be lifted
Eastern star lights all to rise in Love’s gifted.
See how the face shines upon the deep sea?
Holy answer sheds grace and soaks all of me..

©: 2017 Linda Willows