“Joy at Love’s Pour”…..a poem by Linda Willows

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My Lord you bid my heart to cry…
You sway my soul with a lifted sigh.
Closer than from a stilled Lit Throne,
All beckons; becomes and brings me home.

Joy reaped from the years that time did find;
Grace forwarded all mined true, as Thine.
Lord, find me praying, singing out at the door.
This pilgrim dissolves into joy at Love’s Pour.

My Lord you bid my heart to cry…
You sway my soul with a lifted sigh!
Take my hand, my life; brace all in your Own
and lead me into Your Kingdom known.

© 2016 Linda Willows


“The Moment that God Made”…..a poem by Linda Willows


Stillness comes in the sweet summer’s green eve,
I sit in the vast and gaze; I believe.
All becomes wonder, a calm hushed serene-
cast in the joy of surrender’s unseen.

Whenever the tender breeze floats by
my heart lifts song with a softened sigh,
as though a lullaby from far above…
had gently blessed us all with Graced love.

Green feathered leaves dance in the sun’s late light,
rustling, whispering; they reach to delight!
How deep is my awe of the moment that God made…
undisturbed, unknown and from heaven portrayed.

© 2016 Linda Willows

“They come mended, grace tended”…a worship poem by L. Willows


I am covered deep in His Love divine,
joy soaps each tear, each year, each line.
The folds of heart wrinkles are wrapped in embrace,
they come mended, grace tended with new holy birthplace.

How soft the reach to this blessed imprint.
Life’s all presses in be near such Bright’s glint.
I look out, all around, rest inside and remain
in the hold, depth and width of Your glory and reign.

© 2018 republish 2016, Linda Willows
Photograph by Jarrod

“Mercy’s All”….a poem by Linda Willows


Come forth, come out you whispered wail,
I hear the heart that pours the tale.
Memories tumble in haunted detail;
They hold, they sting, they cling to the veil.

Yet-“Forward leading, Love preceding…
All brings hope in the dawn of today.
Might receiving, Grace exceeding,
Lord, your yoke is Mercy’s way.”

We suffer the mortal humblings that gain
an entry to the threshold of glory, not pain.
Pray that our hearts be brave, never slain…
and victor of all of Thy Kingdom in Reign.

And-“Forward leading, Love preceding;
All bear the Name that heard His Call.
Mortal Hearts be lifted, gifted…
Suffer no more within Mercy’s All.”

© 2016 Linda Willows