“My Lord’s keep in Love’s Reap”….a poem by Linda Willows


Oh Lord, my Lord, I pray for your Grace,
to restore, abide and live in all measure,
all called your Own, your Loves richest treasure.
Call up my vision, help me to see,
not mortal troubles but life new in me.

Draw me near the mountain of heavenly heights,
and strengthen my climb to perspective’s delights.
Empty all, Lord, I pray for strength through all fire
take all that would hold me down in the mire.
I ever desire to hold fast to You, held in your Love, known in your Entire.

Come times of lost heart make feeble my stance
chastened all that departs, keep me in your Love’s glance
Pray don’t delay my climb in faith’s peak,
For I claim now and ever, my Lords keep in Love’s Reap.
Keep me inside your cathedral of Grace;
Your words, Your imprint, the breath of God traced.

© 2016 Linda Willows



I Sway Bewildered, Lost, and Found Again There

Watching Glory take the Sun after another day done
I sink into rocking chair swaying deeply into Horizon.
The sky boldly turns to purple, blue and rose hue
Like the palette of God marking all with adieu.

I gaze throughout the hills as Nature’s turns to Night
And feel the great hush that fills all in such twilight.
I feel absorbed into the shadows still awake and alive
Reborn in night breezes with a graceful revive.

Rocking to and fro in my viewing porch chair;
I sway bewildered, lost, and Found again There.

©2012 Linda Willows