“The grasp of Love”…a worship poem by LWillows

407742 Katarzyna Machniewicz
When last I looked you were in sight
Above, beyond and near as light.
As warmth would cover all like pure sand
Your glimmer shed and poured to homeland.

Love turns my face again to you.
All heart bows low in grace’s due,
With gratitude engulfed upon
What was, has been, and that, now gone.

I lift my arms in glory’s rise
and weep when mortal shadows die,
yet, I will not lose the Grasp of Love
It owns my heart, this joy Above.

Come glimmer shed and pour upon me
Called to home I am led by Thee…
I look above, beyond and near to the Light,
My Lord, you motion me with all of your might.

© 2017 Linda Willows

“Bowing to Love”…a worship poem by LWillows


My love does joy in surrender’s embrace.
This Holy instant bring prayers’grace…
My Father, Lord, I seek your face.

My heart, it empties to confess,
And hollows bare within your caress.

Thy gentle court, how willingly,
the all of me falls into thee.
My soul is fed, I am adoptee
at the seal of atonement’s sacred decree.

I groaned with the rumble of rock and wave
Heart lifted its sin, into grace to save.
Jesu, my dear Lord your arms my enclave.

Bowing to Love is such joyous bend’s nest.
Oh I feel as I pray, I am to be Blessed.
Ecstatic love humbles, Gods’ door has been pressed.

© Linda Willows 2014, 2017