Nature Divine

Nature Divine

There is a place that I never go
It forbids and warns lest the traveler know
That entry will tear and split one apart
And the past will sweep into the vulnerable heart.

Securely locked spaces are pushed upon
Until they pulse once again, as if never gone.
If I curl forward and hide or try to surround
The ache of love grows, as if rushed homeward bound.

How can I live with my heart locked and torn?
This not my Nature from God when born.
Then come to me, be with me, Nature Divine.
All must be given to dust, just not mine.

Walk with me, Lord, walk at my side.
There will no longer be one thing to fear or to hide.
God, be gracious, be kind, stay near, show me a way
To love all, this moment and allow compassion to stay.

©2011 Linda Willows