“Lord, lift my son to You”….from LWillows


“Lord, lift my son to You”

I lost and found him throughout the years,
In stories that wound and then tangled with tears.
There I lay soaked in a hive of mother fears,
Caught in the crossfire of life’s past arrears.

I surrendered, confessed, in soliloquy bared,
And all of my words left your heart undeclared.
You are loved my son, my soul pours without end.
Nothing could sever or hinder soul’s blend.

Your eyes dwell deeply like faraway doors
But I swim in the decades of deep blue lives, yours.
More cherished than anything that words could hide;
Inscribed in the visions that love holds inside.

Lord, carry what I am powerless to hold.
Lift my son’s heart to Yours in Love’s bold.
Be His Father, stir the miracles – the ones that were born
When you formed him in me, your own Spirit’s dwelling sworn.

© 2017 Linda Willows


“Silent Roar”….a poem by Linda Willows

Sometimes the silence speaks louder than words,
breaking the bounds that were holding long hopes.
Dream swells from the circles that want from inside;
Heart deaths that longed for reunions, love glides.

Time cures the dream that some day you might call
and doors make no sense with no key from the fall.
How could I know not to touch that one vein.
It was the one truth that we shared in life’s pain.

Pray, love can grow stronger in absence of accord,
losing the price of time, hope and heart’s cope,
Born a Mother and Son is a lifelong vein’s core…
The heartbeat does utter throughout in strong roar.

© 2016 Linda Willows