“Lift my son to You, Lord”…prayer poem from LWillows


“Lord, lift my son to You”

I lost and found him throughout the years,
In stories that wound and then tangled with tears.
There I lay soaked in a hive of mother fears,
Caught in the crossfire of life’s inner spheres.

I surrendered, bent forth, in soliloquy bared,
And all of my words left your heart undeclared.
You are loved, my son. My soul pours without end.
Nothing could sever or hinder soul’s blend.

Your eyes shine blue like faraway doors,
Yet I wander through the decades of horizons, yours.
More cherished than anything that words could hide;
Inscribed are the visions that love wrote inside.

Lord, carry what I am powerless to hold.
Lift my son’s heart to Yours in Love’s mercy bold.
Be His Father, stir the miracles – the ones that were born
When you formed him in me, your own Spirit’s dwelling sworn.

© 2017 Linda Willows, 2018


How I love you, child of mine ~by Linda Willows

How I love you, child of mine
more than a life, more than time.
Speak no more of past or crime
all was bleak, such seasons thine.
Each call hindered Heart and Vine.
There was no Hand to place in mine.

How could you know the ache that pours
when breath does want to spread its oars
held instead a captive of,
this long ago, this haunted love.

How I love you, now I pray
that God will find us all someday.
Where once was loss, may Grace find gain,
our breaths and hearts, one in Your Name.

Child of mine, you live in me
forever loved, for all to see
When I breathe let come to be…
our hearts joined in The Mystery.

©2013 Linda Willows

Photograph by Kemal Kemil