“Pray us Home”….. a poem by Linda Willows

Home. Lost or dream wept. It is ours to be kept.
The light does reach those corners yet,
Such shadows stretch, some darkly set,
Feelings abandoned like long due debt.

The door may creak, it weathered much.
Oh kindly try, it aches for the touch.
See the dust and tall history crests…
sparkle like gold in the shine of one test.

Call them again, let them return,
They who lost all and forgave not the burn.
God does look in and wrap round Eden’s blue,
Such mystery days will recall Love’s Rescue.

Pray us home, Love.
Let History be birth’s, New.
Forgive our lost way,
as we come Home sweet to You.

Linda Willows

Photograph by Vasil Anastasovski


“My Wonder Lives” ~Beauty of Life Photo and Prose by Linda Willows

My Wonder lives
at treetops peak,
in sights that leap
beyond Loves’ keep.

I hold no bound
nor sightly door.
This world, this life,
It’s Grace does soar.

©2012 Linda Willows

photographer, Teiku Rizal

Fly right through a Hearts skipped beat ~by Linda Willows

Does the fragile bear the light
Carry with it threads that might
Stream above, beyond and between
That which oft is not easily seen?

Dwelling in and from, amidst…
It tells the tales that may be missed.
Fly right through a heart’s skipped beat,
It bears no semblance to defeat.

Delicate in ways of mind
Sometimes its wings are not to find.
Folded in the lap of thee
They wait. Oh Lord, they wait for me.

©2012 Linda Willows


“One Face is Part All” ~by Linda Willows

T’is my own Soul that I glance when I see you there still
Each and all faces multiply and fill.
In the eyes of each shine and hope lasts to be.
I knew that you cared and leaned deeply on me.
Leaving behind all the treacherous finds
Did wrench through my own my heart and my mind.
How can one live with such comfort and ease
With oceans of sorrow across a few seas.
One Face is part All. I love you as me.
Take my hand, lift your veil. We can pray. We can see.

©2012 Linda Willows
photo by Dexter Garcia