“My Lord’s Holy Pew”, a praise poem by LWillows

My Lord’s Holy Pew

Holy moment quaked and my heartbeat was new.
His Hand drew expanse of the view left to right.
My journey revealed in broad scoping hue.
Seeing in This light was almost too bright.

My arms rose high and swept into praise
fingertips quivered with joy’s quickening blaze.
Kneeling, I wept, spirit-filled and soaked through.
Entwining, heart climbing, dissolved into love…
There I was praising, at My Lord’s Holy pew.

© 2018 Linda Willows


“Motioned”…a poem by Linda Willows


Motioned inside the ache of what breaks…
my limbs, they are stretched; called out to seek space.
finding the pathways so hidden with twists
all those that tangle and cause broken resists.

How deeply this pull does want in my arms,
they reach with far longing like the sky’s destitute,
tipping and touching with hands that sweep out
like wings former broken, now finding life’s route.

Pulse stirs within each breath that absolves,
unraveling, unwinding, uncurling pain’s cry
escorted within the quaking of mirth
comes glorious joy freed upon life’s rebirth.

© 2017 Linda Willows

“The grasp of Love”…a worship poem by LWillows

407742 Katarzyna Machniewicz
When last I looked you were in sight
Above, beyond and near as light.
As warmth would cover all like pure sand
Your glimmer shed and poured to homeland.

Love turns my face again to you.
All heart bows low in grace’s due,
With gratitude engulfed upon
What was, has been, and that, now gone.

I lift my arms in glory’s rise
and weep when mortal shadows die,
yet, I will not lose the Grasp of Love
It owns my heart, this joy Above.

Come glimmer shed and pour upon me
Called to home I am led by Thee…
I look above, beyond and near to the Light,
My Lord, you motion me with all of your might.

© 2017 Linda Willows