“Heart, patched by Grace”….a worship poem by L.Willows


“Heart, Patched by Grace”

This heart, patched by Grace from such mercies above…
Has been covered by acts of full kindness that poured-
And landed to all of my parts that then soared.
I bow upon friendships and Your Godly known Love.

Yes, Lord I can fathom how in all life, You
Do live throughout all the miraculously formed;
From even the smallest and most humble cause…
Life rumbles to quake Your Love’s birth and imbue.

© 2017 Linda Willows


The Joys’ Adore….a Poem by Linda Willows

OskyF500292Barry Wayne Ackerman

The Joys’ Adore

Wonder fills with awe and praise;
Daybreak stills my heart to gaze,
Upon the silent thunder of…
Your Presence, Peace and sweetened Love.

Though burden and pains may break with the dew
All burdens do lift in sight Lord, of You…
Tumbled forth, oh given, saved, rumbled into,
the  Joy and Adore of Your first holy Pew.

With hand upon heart and bled dying parts
I pray with glee of their glory depart.
Oh all in this view must give to You
even hopes and dreams must stand in a queue!

Glory path you shine before
this given Heart, this joy’s adore.
Be ever more in me: Lord, I Wake…
Though thunderous cries may fall at daybreak.

© Linda Willows 2015

Photograph by Barry Wayne Ackerman

visit his website of amazing photographs at https://www.fotoblur.com/people/etiology

“The kiss of new Birth”, a sacred poem by Linda Willows

2 Corinthians 4:6-7
For God who said, “Let Light shine out of darkness, made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ.
But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.”


Fashioned out of clay I was
unformed and deep in quiet bound.

Shadows cast by Light unknown,
surrounding night with naught a sound.

Enter then a ray’s impress,
such gentle touch did probe heart’s rest.

Then stirred reveal of Life to Itself;
the seedling quickens, oh Glory in stealth…

about to receive the kiss of New Birth,
from none less than He, Lord of All…
The Beloved One, who Created the Earth.

©2015 Linda Willows

photograph by Alexander Prischepov

MotherBirds’ Wings

(Photo: Lara Jade)

I was, and then, I fell asleep.
I could not wake even the will of the deep.
I then flew above my own journey’s zest
And perched upon a nest where dreams did rest.

Would that I lived like a bird born new
With mother, feeding and warming the night through.
I would be right with all futures plight
Soon to set wing and find my own might.

Yet fallen, and buried from flights to bemoan
Sleep was smothered in embers of the past overgrown
The heart had lost its’ wings and a prayer
To hope, redeem and reclaim its’ dare.

We do not seem to “recover” all to new
Nor grow feathers that display a completely new hue,
Yet though now seen alone in a broken nest
There was chance to review what had transgressed.

One wing had cast the stones and the mire
Out and over into an earthen fire.
Smoldering ashes rose into a cloud
That scattered air crystals, their heavenly shroud.

The other wrapped my heart with care
And kept warmth upon the tremors there.
If not altered to a new hue
My mother birds’ wings restored love’s imbue.

Awakened, I felt the breath of a prayer
as though a dearest One had been just there.
and though I wanted to curl back into the nest
A whisper told me to rise, return, and find myself blessed.

©2012 Linda Willows