Psalm 139:14…”I am fearfully and wonderfully made;” offered by LWillows



“On Bended Knee”…a worship poem by LWillows


On bended knee I find my own,
the way of simple ‘letting’ known.
Freed are all the burdens kept
out they flew, oh out they leap..

I bowed my head to let all dim,
The Love, came then, it soared; poured in.
My all curled toward the mercy Bright.
Heart folded round firm in this might.

Wrap me round and hold me tight,
I never want to leave this site.
Oh let the fetters of the day,
find their way without my say.

I need to Love on bended knee;
T’is how I die, I live, I see.
The glory All is farther than,
the Whole and heart of even me.

Life, its source, the beauty of…
comes free, but ‘Let’ from far above,
and when we bend our lives to Love
to live and die, to reach to see….
we arch in deep humility.

Touching portal veils that hold,
embrace of sacred love extolled.

©2017 Linda Willows; republish, ©original,Linda Willows 2012

Photograph by Kemil Kamal, his collection unique, expressive; gratitude for use of this wondrous art.

“This one must Waken to cherish Your sight”…a poem by LWillows

Some dreams may stand and be called out by name,
They move and speak, even pull to my frame.
With beckoning comfort and promises kept
I can be lulled into sleep that bends and forgets.

Substance of heart that motions root soil,
pull deep from the past’s long ago dusty recoil…
stirring up ashes left in a story’s old tomb;
not my heart’s truth – just a dreams empty room.

Nothing may face me and call me by name,
that is not my True own or has formed my frame.
What motions and pulls me towards life’s Awake,
could only be known in the span of Love’s sake.

Dreamer Awake and keep my heart near.
Speak by name constant and never call fear.
Love burst the sleeping in a Thousand star’s Light,
For this one must waken to cherish Your sight.

© 2017 Linda Willows