“See me O God”…poetry/photo inspire from Linda Willows



“Footprints in Awe”…a poem by Linda Willows

Footprints in Awe

Lifted to the clouds I felt
As if my all could float to be
Like a child in God’s sweet arm
Swept near, swept in, swept close to His knee.

All the sky then felt like my home,
As if the earth were heaven’s own…
Joined together we were one
A life connected, through His Son.

This moment stood then as if apart,
Vivid as color and time soaked my heart.
All of my life and being was held…
All by a cloud in a joy drift that swelled.

“Surge”, my heart said, don’t let this go.
Life could take you back in its tow.
Oh the beauty, the Love, the wonders I saw;
I wept in my soul and made footprints in awe.

© 2017 Linda Willows