“Motioned”…a poem by Linda Willows


Motioned inside the ache of what breaks…
my limbs, they are stretched; called out to seek space.
finding the pathways so hidden with twists
all those that tangle and cause broken resists.

How deeply this pull does want in my arms,
they reach with far longing like the sky’s destitute,
tipping and touching with hands that sweep out
like wings former broken, now finding life’s route.

Pulse stirs within each breath that absolves,
unraveling, unwinding, uncurling pain’s cry
escorted within the quaking of mirth
comes glorious joy freed upon life’s rebirth.

© 2017 Linda Willows


“This one must Waken to cherish Your sight”…a poem by LWillows

Some dreams may stand and be called out by name,
They move and speak, even pull to my frame.
With beckoning comfort and promises kept
I can be lulled into sleep that bends and forgets.

Substance of heart that motions root soil,
pull deep from the past’s long ago dusty recoil…
stirring up ashes left in a story’s old tomb;
not my heart’s truth – just a dreams empty room.

Nothing may face me and call me by name,
that is not my True own or has formed my frame.
What motions and pulls me towards life’s Awake,
could only be known in the span of Love’s sake.

Dreamer Awake and keep my heart near.
Speak by name constant and never call fear.
Love burst the sleeping in a Thousand star’s Light,
For this one must waken to cherish Your sight.

© 2017 Linda Willows

“Heart, patched by Grace”….a worship poem by L.Willows


“Heart, Patched by Grace”

This heart, patched by Grace from such mercies above…
Has been covered by acts of full kindness that poured-
And landed to all of my parts that then soared.
I bow upon friendships and Your Godly known Love.

Yes, Lord I can fathom how in all life, You
Do live throughout all the miraculously formed;
From even the smallest and most humble cause…
Life rumbles to quake Your Love’s birth and imbue.

© 2017 Linda Willows

“In the Care of Your Glorified mists”…a worship poem by Linda Willows

nature“In the Care of Your Glorified mists”

River flow into and through my heart’s spilling
Rested weaves trickle through tides of the wave.
Calm in the knowing even sweet in the breaking
Of leaves from the past that are swept into waking.

How slow is the morning when comes after weary
Succumbed to the pace of a time slowed to soft.
Heart lives come tumbling like stone dust to be shown.
Joy frees in the sparkle of reflections then known.

Wrap me round full in the river that lifts…
Calmed by the sounds of His Spirit-soaked time.
Lord, leave me in the care of such glorified mists,
I’ll always be well, ever loved by Your gifts.

© 2017 Linda Willows