“Heaven is Open at the Bend of earth’s Heart”, a worship poem by Linda Willows


My soul does rise from unseen Breath
A spirit Holy gives me nest,
and though I have no place to rest
upon a promised loves request,
a newborn heart in me does crest.

Die to live and fall to rise.
What shapes the birth of a soul’s revise.
Heaven is open at the bend of earth’s heart.
Thus humbled; so Graced, God was never apart.

O rise within me. Grant open Your Sky.
Hear me from Your Kingdom High.
Light that shines too Bright to face.
Open my heart. Find me a place.

Take my ashes of old and scatter the wind.
My heart is repentant; so much to rescind.
In the light of your Glory, I bow at the door,
waiting upon your Love’s Joy in the fore.

How can I ever have words even ways,
that tell of the Love that I see in this gaze.
Only say this when you see me reach up,
she Loves Him, she’s with Him, for all of her days

© 2015 Linda Willows

photograph by David Pruess