“We walk through God’s Door”…a worship poem by LWillows


Take one thousand years, the ones etched in all hearts
the longest forever’s, the keepsakes, life’s parts.
Then empty the chambers of all that pulls back
what hides and winds secrets of pain and love’s lack.

Lord, these are the hearts that most dearly need you
The broken, the suffering, the lives lived deep through.
My own just as all, pressed with trials darkly set
Taken, lost, shaken from night’s epithet.

Oh Heart, carve a place for forgiveness to dwell.
Let the past fall to Now in His Mercy’s groundswell.
May each come to bare in the innocence of
a sweetness that comforts with Limitless Love.

Thousand years to forever we all join the fore
Emboldened, entrusted to walk through God’s Door.
Bare me, Lord dare me; I would walk, I would do…
All in your namesake, Lord. Lead us to You.

© 2017, 2015 Linda Willows


“Your Life as Joy’s Door”….by Linda Willows


Testify this heart to the Singular One…
Hour again hour, pour my all ‘fore His Son.

Guard ever each day and through night sleep’s cover,
should words or thought rise, that give creed to another.

Holy One, bring us in…to the Life of Your Own
May sacred everlasting soliloquy call Home.

Word imprinted upon all Life, cause and time,
Found God-Breathed in scripture, Creation Thine.

Bend my life, it’s path, and heart to adore,
The ways of your Love; Your Life as Joy’s door.

Heaven here, Your Kingdom within thy own gate.
Dear Lord, I pray- keep me ever in your wait,

With mind and heart’s joy in delight evermore.
All bow in sweet bend to receive Love’s sweet Core.

© 2016 Linda Willows