“Owning nothing but Love” ~Inspirational Quotes by Linda Willows


“When we embrace, and gather all of our own; that entire of our journey, with love and grace we deepen our  capacity to fully embrace others. We recall that the reflections which we see as we gaze out into the world are minded by these same possessions, our “Ownings”, whether we see, or acknowledge them or not.

Let us have the courage to dive into our own hearts and deep waters before minding those of another. True Embrace and compassion compels that one first seek to be purified and humbled. Then, in true brotherhood and in the experience of owning nothing but Love, we find the deeper meaning of Embrace.

©2012 Linda Willows



“Thunder, Thunder, Miles of Wonder”, a poem by Linda Willows

Thunder, thunder, miles of wonder,
Footsteps rumble into outcries asunder.
Drive me yet through lands not dissolved
whose voices will not break into distant resolve.

Rumble, Rumble, miles to wonder,
room to soar yet much to forsake.
The outcry of brethren for their own sky to take.
Their voices roar for a new freedom’s wake.

Cast me with honor, give me soul’s wake.
Thunder, Thunder; all at stake.
Abba, for each and every one of us, Lord
For this Life, this hour, and all choices we make.

©2012 Linda Willows