“Praising, I am Praising, a heart so full” from LWillows

Praising, I am praising, my heart is so full. When life asked me to walk with a heart of faith bolder and stronger than I had fathomed before, I stepped forward. I did not do it alone. I could not. The strength was not my own. Someone near to me said, “You stepped off of the cliff with one foot out!”. Thinking back, I know now that The Lord was holding the foot that stepped out. He had me all the while.

Our Savior is so merciful. I am in awe of the generosity of Grace. My heart is stretched and then stretched again just to receive all that pours in from His Love. Me, the one with so many words- rendered speechless. Just left with a song, left with armfuls of songs in my heart that have been singing to us all from God that calls to us of His Love. We can only sing the praise back with joy and awe.

Hear the Praise! 

Wonderful Merciful Savior



“We Can Be Love Walking”…a poem by Linda Willows


When Love stands forward
It reaches. It is bold.
Love asks the giver
To release all that could fold…
Our strength is in weakening
All the doors, walls and holds,
Decades; lives of knowing,
Hearts that hide on thresholds.

We can be Love walking,
On the steps of grace born…
Open to seeing,
Life with hearts sworn.

Winding together
With quests that swell out…
Humbled, encouraged,
Emboldened hearts shout.

Love stand us forward,
Let Love walk here.
Teach our hearts aching,
To pull Your Life Near.

We can be Love walking
a tribe that climbs high…
Humbled, encouraged
Enthroned by God’s cry.

© 2017 10.11 Linda Willows

“The Vow” by Linda Willows

He Called to me-bent, I was humbled in tears…
with aches from the past, my heart burning up years.
The Savior had Loved me and stood by my past.
He held my heart broken, as it emptied like glass.

One thousand years past in the scroll of that heart,
so filled with forever’s, it’s keepsakes and marks.
The deepest of never had pierced childhood frights,
The Lord marked my Life as saved by His Light.

Grace is the bend that weeps gently before,
His Temple anoints with Love’s sacred door.
All reaching, beseeching and poured to the fore.
He Brings wondrous the Birth of His Threshold’s Adore.

One thousand suns and eternity waits
to receive every heart that surrenders its gates.
Every hour, every dawn is a new time to bow
To beseech and appeal, to bend into The Vow.

Oh Lord flood the hearts that seek Mercy’s sweet
Help rebuild the gardens we tend in Your Keep.
To darkness is born a child of the Light.
Today, in our time- bring forward all Brights.

Keep me in faith and humbled to see
my own heart with wisdom that Love comes to me.
Inscribe on my days, the will of His Own;
Let purpose, repentance, and faith led me Home.

All life, joy, and sorrow live on in me now…
cries for mercy, for God, for the birth of Love’s Vow.
One command from the depths is enough to bring Light
Bring birth to this hour, Lord receive me this Night.

Glory is in His name, The Vow, Love His Call.
Listen, He whispers, “I was there throughout All”.

© 2016 Linda Willows Reprint; 2015 Linda Willows