POETRY, bare words blossomed


From L.Willows

We are all poets because our hearts have the capacity to “sing to God and to one another with love. Our words reveal the truth that is in our hearts. When we write, it is a journey that is deeply personal as well as one that inspires transformation.

Words, Rhythm, Motion

Poetry and prose are a form of writing that, for me, seem at times to be almost musical, lyrical. I sense much heart and self-expression in the creative process. As a former classical ballet dancer, I feel rhythm and motion in poetry. It feels very alive and the words seem to lift off of the page as and after they are written. It all moves! That is just my experience. 

Haven’t you ever felt like writing? It is so encouraging to express yourself from the heart directly onto into a journal or in any form. Placing ideas, inner images, and feelings from the inside into an outer form can be transformative. When it is used as a way of speaking to God or as a direct ‘heart note’ that journals your life with purpose and appeal, writing becomes a personally encouraging experience.

Bare Words Blossomed

You feel something pouring out of yourself, yet you are not emptied afterward. The result is a sense of feeling filled. That is creativity. It’s pouring fills you. Why? Because there is more than you. God’s Spirit is with you.

When something is true or aimed at God, something wondrous happens- God’s Spirit can cause his Love and His beauty to move through you like nectar through the most beautiful petals of a flower. The essentials of what started have been sweetened. What began as bare words have now blossomed.

Since I was a young girl I have scribbled words onto paper with delight. When there were no words, I would draw.  When I was not writing or drawing, I was dancing. I needed to pour what was inside to some “outer” form.  The heart instinct was a desire to lift these ‘notes from the heart’ to offer them to a listener that was beyond me. I imagined that God could hear me.

We seem to be imprinted with the seed of belief that there is a Listener, One that is beside us who will know, recognize and sweeten our journey if we but share it.

Now I understand that we all are vessels for God’s love, that he pours his spirit into us for greater purposes and we need to give it all away. Everything belongs to him!

Poems; a few Heart Notes from the pages of “Beloved” by L.Willows

From a Vast Honeycomb

Upon Prayer’s Bended Knee

All the Prayers I have Sung

This, but a Moment

A Wind Through Reed’s Prayer

Hold this Dear Mountain

Called by Spring

Here In The Midst Of

Bring to the Fore with Mercy’s Attend

The Love; its Joy- the All

A Raindrop’s Thirst

Praise comes to live in the Breaths of our Hearts

The Prayer’s Bouquet

Joy Comes in The Morning

God’s Tree

Love Never Fails, Ever-After, Everywhere

My Heart Tipped to Fore

Love Lives Near

Beheld by Our Maker, Loved from The Start

River Bridge that shines like Gold

The Rapture Of

Cupped in Love Pouring, Love Roaring, Love Sown

Silence that Pours Love

Loves’ Answer, Loves’ Promise, The Holy’s Engrave

Love Never Fails, Ever-After, Everywhere

God’s Holy Moment

Amidst Grace

Lord, This Old Tree

I Dance in Air

Muse from a Dance, Song Sung to Me

Love’s Gift, Life’s Thread

Silence Roars

The Nests of Red Barn

Arms Reach to Loved Ones

Here I am Gazing, Here I am Kept

Something Deeper Calls the Brave

I rise, I rise

Heart Breaking, God Quaking

The Joy is Seeking

Holy heart, hush – I hear Love’ s amend

‘Till Morning


The Sweet Blossoms’ Soul

Heaven is open at the bend of the Heart

Love Whispers

We Can Be Love Walking

O Keep me in The Nest of You

On Bended Knee

The Days of the Miraculous

Cupped in Love Pouring, Love Roaring, Love Sown

My all was His River, Blessed Freed in Love’s Plea

I wait upon all in the drift of Your Will

Praise comes to live in the Breaths of our Hearts

Love’ s Grace Extolled

Praising, words raising

Given up in Prayer’s River

The Span of Our Dreams

Eyes to God

Thunder, Thunder, miles of Wonder

Hold this Dear Mountain

Oh, Love has called

Joy Walks Soaked

On Bended Knee

In Solitaire

A Raindrop’s Thirst

Would that I had Danced for You

Where goes my Soul

My Soul does Dance

I am the Heart

Take my Hand

Small as a Seashell

When the hills call me home

I, Woman

Sweet Love’s Roar

Take me with You, Wind today

Oh for Love-there I feel amidst branches of Thee

When the hills call me home