Devotional Poetry

Over the years, A Spirit of Holiness has reached into me from something much larger than myself and inspired words that worshiped, praised and bowed before The Lord. Each word dropped like love from a rain-cloud of more that overwhelmed and filled me with awe, candor, and humility as I wrote. Sometimes Poems are like prayers. They appeal from my heart directly to God. I have always felt that they were intimately heard.

This Ancient Cathedral of God’s Sweet Serene

The Grasp of Love

Love’s View

Heart patched by Grace

In the care of Your Glorified mists

His Kingdom Chair

The Moment That God Made

A Raindrop’s Thirst

Loves Reserves

The Joy’s Adore

Oh, the Joy that soaks Loves’, Brine

The Beloved’s Beseech

The Altar

You Wind us, You Bind us through Heavens Rainbow

Footprints in Awe

With Petals at Thy Feet

Float Fall in Love’s Call

The Days of The Miraculous

We were Made in God’s Eye

Of my Dance of Yours, our Lives given round

Holy Heart Hush, I Hear Love’s Amend

Winged Jubilee

On Bended Knee

Heart of Peace

Pray this Wonder at Mist of New Day

The Joy of Jesu

Heaven’s Embrace

In Your Deep Love, I Abide

I Sweep in God’s Drift

My Lord’s Keep in Love’s Reap