Where All Crosses Meet

When my breath halts and suspends from flight
I feel a remembrance of love’s sweet night
All cares remain and resist moments’ gain
As the imprisoned holds onto long lost refrain.

Only to know that it can be set free
I touch the soft inner core tenderly
This is a sign, a whisper to self
Let the dream go, let it fly away in stealth.

The winds stir my soul and heartbeat anew
Captured no longer by last, past or future cue.
What heaven to meet where all crosses greet
In the singular place of Loves’ deepest feat.

©2011 Linda Willows

Godly Mend

Fill me throughout with your Nature’s Own,

Purify my life as Yours alone.

Let shadows fall back to a rivet that flows by.

Gather an ocean of love from your limitless sky.

My soul motions forward with heaven bound sigh.

Tender this heart that it lets all fall away

Take all of my prayer, let no boundary stay.,

That I walk only with You in this very day.

Linda Willows


I love you now I loved you then
even in times when the world seemed to break
all fell away, even my soul; it was broken and left for the silence to take.

I love you know, I loved you then
after the days that darkened my door.
I could not speak nor whisper at all.
Such terror marked my heart’s out-pour.

I love you now, I loved you then
Come back to me and hold me again.
If I press my heart too closely then, it would only be
that I am haunted still by memories of “forever, we”.

Linda Willows