“My Lord’s Holy Pew”, a praise poem by LWillows

My Lord’s Holy Pew

Holy moment quaked and my heartbeat was new.
His Hand drew expanse of the view left to right.
My journey revealed in broad scoping hue.
Seeing in This light was almost too bright.

My arms rose high and swept into praise
fingertips quivered with joy’s quickening blaze.
Kneeling, I wept, spirit-filled and soaked through.
Entwining, heart climbing, dissolved into love…
There I was praising, at My Lord’s Holy pew.

© 2018 Linda Willows


“God’s Holy Moment”…a worship poem by LWillows

God’s Holy Moment

Heart be paused to find the still
The place that knows His peace, His will
An inborn Spirit that dwells inside
Swelled by Love from a Holy tide.

Know that all can, even I
Find the resting spot that waits
Ever in the midst of life’s
Most tangled steps and narrow gates.

But to beseech and ask for His Heart
A granting that Love’s Hand would part…
And in that moment Grace comes again near
God’s Holy moment sheds All, He comes here.

Heart be born in that moment of pause
Seek the riches that rise from such earth.
For Heaven reaches to embrace our souls
Tasking to grasp our own hearts with birth.

© 2018 Linda Willows

“In Solitaire”… a worship poem by LWillows

In solitaire I walk this morn,
with non but light’s soft hue adorn.
Within this path that finds my soul,
I pray Gods’ keeping, life found whole.

For in taking of all things;
the swift removal times can bring…
I root myself upon one Bright
and dearest thing with every might…

In solitaire the Soul is known
begotten,loved and never Lone.

©2018 republish Linda Willows 2012

Photograph by Kupavna

“And We Are Now Loved”…Christmas Eve worship poem offered by LWillows

And We Are Now Loved

We have been Loved
By the Holy One Dear
God’s purposed Son come to us
Into this world near.

Born in sweet manger
Beneath the star’s light
And in our hearts everywhere
We find Him tonight.

And we have been loved
By our Holy Lord of Grace
The Keeper of all our Prayers
Intercessor’s sacred trace…

Living yet as Mercy
That receives every heart
Love reaches full to us
With such lavish impart.

And we are now Loved
Every near and distant one.
Seen in God’s eye
As His Own in homes’ run.

© 2017 Linda Willows
Painting by Elihu Vedder (American, 1836–1923), Star of Bethlehem, 1879–80 .

“Gladden This, the Season’s Hope”, a Christmas prayer from LWillows

A Christmas Prayer 2017


The prayer that I speak is given beneath,
All holy life and the gifts bequeathed.

Grateful I am for wherever I stand,
Forever Loved by Our Lord, in His Land.

A Kingdom Born to root in all parts
To set Love’s spirit free in all hearts.

Let me be one single voice,
A whisper of peace that sings rejoice.

Sofly, boldly, louder still…
Until my whole entire feels His will.

Gladden this, the season’s Hope,
That all might see through God’s telescope…

Loved we are, Love we must.
O such a Voice sings the Birth of Love’s Trust!

© 2017 Linda Willows
photograph by Laurent J. Frigault