“Lead me, Lord…Fill me”, a faith prayer from LWillows


“Lead me, Lord…Fill me”

Lead me, Lord

I come before you Lord longing to draw near and to be close to you.

Holy Father, I put my heart, mind and soul upon the lap of your Grace and generous Love. Your listening comfort me. What awe is stirred when I try to fathom your Presence in this moment.  Thank you for being with me in all times. Thank you for your promises and the merciful blessings that you have poured upon me.

In this hour, there are burdens and concerns that attempt to pull me away from you, and into the snare of anxiety and worldly anchors…

Father, I long to rest and lay everything before you; for you can remove all burdens and set me free.

By the power of my ego and mind, I have no control or dominion over the events and circumstances in my life. Thoughts gather that like to feel mastery. I cannot serve two masters.

I see that at times it can seem as if I were living as if I were on an ancient wooden barge sitting in a stationary chair, called “my own” pulled by another, a Greater Force.  This mortal span does not have the power nor scope be the captain of this “ship”. I pray for wisdom.

Without You, I am powerless. I witness the ethereal nature of my mortal and fallible being. By your Grace, I have received Salvation. My faith is strong.  Though I may be tossed by the waves of life, I do depend on God for all assurance, security and provision. I look to you and call to you, especially when I forget where I am and the sea rises to heights that are unfamiliar.

Lord, I appeal to you in this Prayer because the world can cause storms that shake me. The world can turn a silent moment into chaos and whip the circumstances of life with unpredictability, uncertainty, the unexpected and all of the vulnerabilities of mortal life. We do not have control of where tomorrow or even this day is leading us despite our attempts at mastery.

We are not the captains of our ships, Lord. You are. Move the barge by Your Power Lord. It is Your Own as I am. Father, help me return to the Still place of Listening and remain in the Knowing of Your Word.

Fill me, Lord

Because, Father, only by sitting in peace and acceptance with full trust in Your Lordship and leadership in my life will I find True Peace. My devotion as one that follows you belongs to you, walks with Faith in you and worships is complete.

Your Power is Sovereign on Earth, in all of myself, in all of Creation and in The Heavens Beyond.

In the Vastness of your Being, You Love and are able to see both infinite and finite. A sparrow, a blade of grass, or an olive branch, all are known, seen and cherished by You.

What more me, a child now a woman with strands of white hair reaching upwards and twirling like my own inner torch of devotion and love.

When I worship you and bring my heart and soul to rest I feel your Presence and instant Nearness in Response. Your Love can feel like a warm light that touches my being and a soft joy-weep that swells up in my Heart in response.

You pursue me with relentless Love God. You are always nearer than I know or can fathom.

My heart becomes like an open cup, a vessel purified in Faith, justified by Grace that I might receive Your Love, Mercy, Joy and Full Blessings.

When the glass is full, I am full and receive.  I become your servant, able to pour and share your blessing. As we share in outpouring  we become One in You, in Your Heavenly Body, The Kingdom of God.

Your Love Fills me to the Brim. Gracious Lord Jesus, Your presence fills me with awe.

I Pray that I walk with you today and abide with you in my Heart returning to Sanctification and Surrender. May the Holy Spirit guide and prompt me that I am your servant in this world.

May I carry your Love and joy into the world. Thank you for your Holy and Sovereign protection over me, all loved ones but that your Holiness provides a shield for the prevailing Goodness in our world and all externalizations of it.

Thank you for your deep Mercy and for all of the Blessings that you have graced our lives with and for the wonders yet to come for myself and others in prayer and Faith and in need of You.

I Pray on behalf of all who are suffering in all regions of this, your world, that they may be comforted by you. Lord, I Pray for all children in need of love, of You.

In the Name of Lord Jesus,

© 2017 Linda Willows


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