“Love Bears Witness”…poem from LWillows..five years to this moment’s musings…

As I re-read this poem from 2012, I am intrigued. I see the questions of my heart and my longing to connect to Love. I had not yet found peace or had the experience of “Knowing” Love as a vivid experience in my own heart. It was a birth emerging and I was witnessing the waves of this amazing experience.

Now in 2017, I feel a fuller permission of Love; many of the “rules” that attempted to master and guide my heart’s “kingdom” at the poem’s writing are no longer etched in as “law”; they are soft, like imprints of the past. What was formerly felt as a duel –has become the victory of a New Heart born of Joy and of a Love that lives In God with a permanence. It is greater, deeper and more Vast than any of my own words could begin to describe or honor.  

I am a humble captive and servant of this Love, of His Love.

Love Bears Witness…by Linda Willows, 2012

Love does not wait
upon permissions
nor partake
in time nor rule.
It flows with all abandon
as if had
in a duel.
Cannot be captured
lest be lessened.
Not be owned
lest be “known”.
Love releases wings
to soaring flight,
bearing witness
To Birth
of Light.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photographs by Shirley Jean


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