“Love, bare”… a worship poem by Linda Willows

DdancersFR239821 Tom StioPull my heart and wrap me round
the whole of love’s immerse endowed
drown the hallows of life’s waves
into such depth of your sweetened gaze.

I cast all towards your certain way
and leave behind what binds and pleas.
I’ll carry not my burdens there,
For in your care I am free in love, bare.

I bid my heart to rise to love
and walk as one born boldly new
holding, keeping, living, reaping
All lived from the glimpse of You.

Love sighted by such awe of the heart…
Oh God…it gives all life a new start.
I reach, embrace, and shall never let go.
Lord such Love, You are Near to know.

©2017 Linda Willows


Author: Linda Willows

Love pours; the Heart spills of, from and into word; soaked in Grace, we bow/bend/become...Love finds us home in God's Heart.

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