“Sweet Love’s’ Child in the Breaking”…..a sacred love poem by Linda Willows



All that lands in mortal heart…
as bird that lands soft, but soon to part;
In palm of hands, the cup that thirsts-
cannot grasp tight, lest all love bursts.

So fragile is our love desired,
even disguised as ‘ideal acquired’:
all hands that hold this bird in grasp
live out the blow of hearts due gasp.

For no worldly thing may fill this Cup;
the Palm find reaching farther up:
in the bend holds Chalice of the gold,
granted from ancient seeded Fold.

Heart-worldly fragile love finds ashes…
bleeds the letting vein ’til crashes.
Only the soul may keep this Dove…
a testament, all – to God above.

Oh alone
must be sown…
seed home, Lord home.
Hand to open in Love’s joy now known.

Your own, I am
Lord, vein to Heart;
all that begins, is born apart.
Sweet Love’s Child in the breaking sown.
I am, I…

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