“Broken Glass” & “When I walked on Heart’s Rim”…two poems call together for God’s Mercy, by Linda Willows


“Broken Glass” ~ “When I walked on Heart’s Rim”……Two poems express pain and redemption in a night and next morning by God’s Merciful Grace..

Broken Glass
How sharp the burn of pain that strikes
like the flame of arrows shot through the nights.
Collisions within, strikes that break all stride out…
wrestle deeply and weep for the ache of Love’s route.

Lord, how can I see, behold and lift Heart,
When sinking, and breaking so deep in pain’s dark?
Such lonesome does suffer as mortals, pain bound-
Yet with promise of You, there could be Peace and Love found.

Oh Lord, you see all- can you hold me right now?
Command by thy Name that, to Thee, all of me bow.
Pull out all the slivers of glass broken deep in…
let them bleed and fill etchings of fallen lost sin.

Pray, hear the gasp between tears as I curl…
My heart speaks faster, spun into a whirl.
Lord, give some message or sign that I’ll feel..
That you are my comfort, Love’s home in heart’s seal.

© 2015 Linda Willows, republish 20016

(The second poem was written the next morning after The Lord comforted me with His Rest and Assurance….)


When I walked on Heart’s Rim

I wake early morn,
before break of day’
Heart full, eyes wide,
peace inside, wonder-born.

How dark the eve,
that wrapped the night,
yet sleep did bless
and give blessed retrieve.

Father, God did you see
the wrestle with pain,
such an ache and a toll,
yes, a version of me…

Your gift in this moment so blessed, by Him.
Only Peace, the still, all is soft within.
I keep only memory of the night when life was dimmed…
You stood yet beside me, when I walked on Hearts Rim.

© 2015 Linda Willows, republish 2016


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