“These Words have been Sown”….by Linda Willows


“These Words have been Sown”

My heart unfolds, treads the shadows revealed,
aches for lost for-givens and outcries unsealed.
Memories unraveled that quaked through the floor…
I lost you there somewhere and my name was no more.

Tender the cavern that floods tears from the core,
aches only larger as pain swells in uproar.
How could we speak words with no noise at all,
yet blood-let our hearts with cries in this wall.

Cross me with new life or grateful, love’s lend;
to uproot this terminal err, pray Godsend.
How long does it take for truth to find way,
to straighten hearts lifelong; to end judgment’s stay.

When mending’s are born in the seam of one heart
it waits till forever in keep of love’s start.
Know that with all that I am, will and pray,
my soul holds you near in the tears of hearts stay.

In forgiveness that mends and binds all our hearts,
I see you and cross through all nights dreamed apart.
Arms reach through heaven for all of God’s known.
That someday you’ll know that these words have been sown.

© 2016 Linda Willows


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