“This ancient cathedral of God’s sweet serene”…..by Linda Willows


Heart curves to the Face of such beauty as seen,
‘Tis Nature’s sweet bidding’s and tender Light’s green,
That eases all burdens and grasping’s that lean;
This ancient cathedral of Gods’ sweet serene.

Come close and allow me to breathe all of You,
Love blesses each morning that sprinkles the dew,
I pray that Your wonders could wrap me full through,
Your Hidden…such Beauty; we are safe in It’s pew.

Let me hear the sweet whispers of how the wind sings,
I long to remember the chords that would ring
As the Heavens would fly through the trees tops, soft swing.
Let me bend, bind and mend, in the grace of Our King.

©2012 Linda Willows, republish 2016

Photograph by Sergian


4 thoughts on ““This ancient cathedral of God’s sweet serene”…..by Linda Willows

  1. Linda – Through this picture and the words that encircle its feeling you have captured the grace of a moment in beauty and splendor … We should live this way – in His presence – always! This should be our dream, our goal !


    1. Thank you, I have been to a place that looks exactly like the photo; the peace and grace expressed in the poem came from the blissful moments in the shade of the trees, so grateful for His presence. We are so blessed by the restoration of Nature’s grace and beauty. I pray that we do not harm.


      1. I was recently in the Adirondack mountains, and was so overwhelmed by the beauty of a spot near the Raquette River I was moved to tears. To allow such connection with nature in a soulful experience!


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