“Would that I had Danced for You”…..a poem by Linda Willows

Would that I had danced for you,
become muse in the spirit of His grace and its hues.
Dance fallen before and after music sung through,
as the heavens crossed into earth’s joyful debut.

Arms fall up and limbs softy lift,
caressed by an other that floated wrapped in Gods drift.
Who can be partnered with such holy gift,
Oh, I danced and the music rushed, so was my soul kissed.

In my bones and flesh are formed God’s design.
The motion that came to bless could not have been mine.
Surely His pleasure part of a mystery divine;
that Glory, Joy and Love be all ours to live,
as He motions each to His Sacred Shrine.

Would that I had still time to dance,
or ever may; could there still be a chance…
You would see my soul and the rapture of love,
for God lifted me through, filled and wrapped from above.

©2016 Linda Willows

Please enjoy the collection of Beautiful Dance Photographs includedbtumblr_m8im9jMpIw1rwu8ico1_500bblarge





Author: Linda Willows

Love pours; the Heart spills of, from and into word; soaked in Grace, we bow/bend/become...Love finds us home in God's Heart.

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