“All Love’s Reunion, a letter to…”, by Linda Willows


“A letter to Papa in Heaven”

Papa, don’t worry we will all find our way;
though you left for heaven long ago, one dreary winter day.
Life seemed to fold in mists of the skies,
as love leaped from my heart and stole your blue eyes.

Some moments I see you gazing intently from above,
watching from the veil, speaking words of your love.
I know you and feel all the times that you care,
wishing that you could hold or be present to bear
the thousands of acres we wanted to cross….
together, hand in hand in forgiveness and loss.

Remember the campfires when we sang in moonlight?
Love resounded in the mountains lit by joy’s shared delight.
I still hear the songs that you played for us all
inviting all neighbors into circles without walls.
May all who remember your sorrow and strife,
remember this calling, your songs that joined life.

We all leave behind the love that we gave
No mortal things value, past night of the grave.
Neither land nor gold would bring me to you,
or open sky doors to tell stories night through.

Papa in heaven we all come to know
the joy of our purpose is more than life’s woe.
For all of our loss is gain in Soul Heart
As we find all the secrets in Heavenly Charts.

In Faith you saw Jesus on your very last day,
in moments when Love opened and He heard you pray.
All that we held, now left to rescind…
Redemption for our sake, bow us low to the wind.
I pray dearest Papa that, you’ve seen The Lord’s Grace
that you rest in his comfort, his Love and embrace.

For I gaze to Heaven for a day chosen to come,
when all Love’s Reunion finds us again all as one.

©2016 Linda Willows


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