“My Lord’s keep in Love’s Reap”….a poem by Linda Willows


Oh Lord, my Lord, I pray for Your grace,
to restore, abide and live in all measure,
that is called Your Own, your Loves richest treasure.

Call up my vision, help me to see,
not mortal troubles but life new in me.
Draw me up the mountain of heavenly heights,
and strengthen my climb that perspective delights.

Empty all, oh my Lord, I pray for strength through the fires;
take all that would hold me down in the mire…
I ever desire to hold fast to You, my life in your Love, Spirit known in entire.

If ever I come to a time when lost heart,
makes feeble my stance and chastened  life’s art – pray don’t delay all the radiant faith that highlights my climb up your mountain last peak,
For I claim now and ever, my Lords keep in Love’s Reap.

Keep me inside of the cathedral of His Grace;
His words, Your imprint, the breath of God traced.

© 2016 Linda Willows