“Carry this prayer, Let drop my Tear”…..a poem by Linda Willows


Oh, heart, this is life,
Mother-soul cry from deep.
These doorways have told
all the secrets of old.

His own recoiled and flew away,
my son in torment, the unknown took its day.
Such wounding from loss…how fragile it’s cost.
What lies beyond must come to The Cross.

Unspeakable words declared in the fray;
cast in one night, then he went away.
Lord carry this prayer, Let drop my tear,
my son, my son – his heart could be near.

Could I freeze my own heart Lord, or make it a stone?
Could I live such a death in love grave’s bones?
God must see. He must know. Oh, summon His All.
In His Life, we are given such Grace at his call.

Lord carry this prayer, let drop my tear,
my son, my son – his heart could be near.
My soul, this our hearts,
Lord, give all new starts.
We carry such burdens in vessels of clay
holdings so heavy for all seeming days.

Oh God, call all, let Love pour through
Wash our lives and our hearts, fill us with You.
All hope and love are here to give.
I pray that our hearts may open and live.

Forever is where we find one another…
Father, mother, son, and brother,
With forgiveness and humbling that bends life to the other.
Find me on my knees forgiven,
pleading, praying, calling, Love-driven.

I lost my son and my heart runs to plea,
Lord, take his hand and give him your key.
I never may see him smile, or laugh
and walk tall with blue eyes that you could set free.

My God, touch the heart of my son in your way.
Hold him and protect him. Be with him each day,
Be with his life, Lord while I love him still,
Carry this prayer and bear Your Good Will.

© 2016 Linda Willows
Photograph by Mark Gee


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