“The Lament of the story”……a poem by Linda Willows

“The Lament of the story” by Linda Willows

The messages kept are those of sweet tears,
all memories graced by God given years.
Nothing of earth can tear apart the bind
of mother to one, the heart child enshrined;
circled, embraced and forever entwined.

Life rumbles through decades and tries every heart;
unspeakable moments, pure joys and distraught.
Yet in the unfolding from birth at one’s start,
we each wear a bolder and destined soul mark.

Mothers knit inner links from first born’s birth’s cry-
an imprint woven in veins with forbidden goodbyes.
Yet story gets wounded in the cycles remade,
when trauma inserts its most poisonous aid.

Then past is the taint that horrors new acts;
regardless of truth or confession of fact.
Ache is the parting of hearts then unknown-
Broken by false, by some story gone lone.

How empty are all that discard and part
for anger, sorrow – held long in one’s heart.
Our lives are not meant to be used in contempt
but found in our sameness, our losses, hearts bent.

No life will find all the wishes and dreams.
No glory lasts in the judgment of what seemed.
We humble in crumbles; our own steps start to crawl,
little by little all lies bring nightfall.

Finally a glory may grant hope another,
when we see our own faces and lives in each other.
You are in me and all Love cannot die.
though you walk far away, we are yet in God’s eye.

Life is aware and watching with all Love’s guard.
We must rise and call courage, be noble though scarred.
May grace and forgiveness fill our own eyes,
and may we see one another and self recognize.

© 2016 Linda Willows
Photograph by Hamanzi, Hamanzi.com


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