“The nest in red Barn”….a poem by Linda Willows

zil_570xN.756357736_fytcWinter green fields round full with grace..
Valleys deep to catch the sun’s lace.
Hills and mountains yonder cast
a lavender grey mist that woos into the vast.

Nearby farmhouse upright, straight and red
held generations – warm, well fed and bred.
And as the horses, goats, cows all graze in the fields,
it seems that they know of a treasure there sealed.

Peace lies in the whispers and echos of red Barn;
huddle of Chickens and Cat nesting in hay yarn.
Here is the core of all life on the farm,
All rest in the eve in a home next to each…
every creature is nested, with Farmer in reach.

© 2016 Linda Willows
Photograph by Maleah Torney


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