“”Oh Heart carve a Place”……a poem by Linda Willows


Take one thousand years, the ones etched in my heart;
the longest forever’s, the keepsakes, the marks…
Then empty the chambers of all that pulls back-
what hides and winds secrets of pain and love’s lack.

Lord these are the hearts that most dearly need you,
the broken, the suffering, the lives lived deep through.
My own like some others, walked lone in the dark;
Pride takes the day until night strikes this Mark.

How long can we issue the commands of this “me”…
who we are, where we’ve been, all the glamour we see.
Where is the notice of honest assess.
A book of the pages that give hearts confess.

I am not better, not wiser – nor seen,
but I plea that these years give us pause to convene.
Open the race to the lost and unheard;
The broken that suffer world wide without words.
Theirs are the tears that our Savior does count.
One thousand, one million; His patients does mount.

Oh Heart carve a place for forgiveness to dwell,
Let the past fall to Now in His Mercy’s groundswell.
May each come to bare in the innocence of
a sweetness that comforts with limitless love.

Thousand years to forever we all join the fore,
Emboldened, entrusted to walk through God’s door.
Bare me, Lord dare me, I would walk, I would do…
All in your namesake, Lord. Lead us to You.

© republish 2016, 2015 Linda Willows
Photograph by Jarrod