“Broken Glass – Wonder Born”……Two poems experience suffering/redemption by Linda Willows

Photo credit to Muhkti Echwantoro
These two poems were written in twenty-four hour period on Pain (acute physical) and it’s deliverance.

We have different experiences and perspectives yet no one escapes ultimate wrestling with human imperfection, mortality nor escapes encounters degrees of pain in life.

Carving into the core of it and finding the treasure of our true Peace and Godly Comforter transforms the deepest cry out, into a call that reaches beyond ourselves. The call is answered.

It has been taught that suffering peels away the layers that falsely allow us to imagine that we are autonomous, in complete control and that our ego’s are Centric and directorial.

In brokenness, we are given a chance to bare ourselves to God, to lay down that which is not “real” and lasting and discover the source of lasting Peace and Love….Linda

Broken Glass (suffering…)

How sharp the burn of pain when it strikes
like flaming arrows shot through endless nights.
Collisions within, wounds that break life’s stride out…
wrestle deeply and mourn for the breath of Glory’s shout.

How can I see, behold and lift Heart
When sinking, breaking so deep in Pain’s dark?
Such pains that do suffer as mortals like bound-
Yet with promise of You, there is Peace and Love found.

Oh Lord, you see all- can you hold me right now?
Command by thy Name that, to Thee all of me bow.
Pull out the slivers of glass broken deep in…
they bleed and fill etchings of fallen lost sin.

Pray, hear the gasp between tears as I curl
My heart speaks faster, spun into a whirl.
Lord, give some message or sign the you know.
Hold hand and heart throughout, then gladly I’ll go.

© 2015 Linda Willows

Wonder Born (redemption…)

I wake early morn
before break of day
heart full, eyes wide
peace inside, wonder born.

How dark the eve
that wrapped the night
yet sleep did bless
and give retrieve.

Holy Father did you see
the wrestle with pain,
my whimpering soul-
such aching toll, yes a version of me.

Your gift this moment so blessed, as Him.
Only Peace, the still, all is soft within.
Only memory of night when life was dimed…
You stood yet beside me, when I walked on Hearts Rim.

© 2015 Linda Willows


2 thoughts on ““Broken Glass – Wonder Born”……Two poems experience suffering/redemption by Linda Willows

  1. Such opposites we are given awareness of in this realm. The Crucifix is not only a symbol of His suffering on the cross, but also of our soul being nailed to the mortal flesh. We have been shown the way to salvation, and when giving over the burden we bear, the transfiguration occurs and the pain of the flesh no longer holds us … Sending grace and many blessings … Always, Peter


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