The Immortal Comforter……..a poem and words by Linda Willows

Photograph credit to Statoshi Motoda

The Immortal Comforter

Urgent heartbeats pressed deep to plea,
my calling, sweet Lord – are you near to me?
With hand upon chest to hold my child
this inner pain does lose her cries wild.

Perhaps my need, or fear complete
becomes in pain as a desperate defeat;
Prayers that burn as they lift from my core
are cast to the glow at the Cross by Your Door.

Pray Give one breath that calms this storm,
and ushers the peace of your Glorys’ Adorn.
In trust, and in faith I whispered these prayers,
to the One, in love’s plea for His Holy Declare.

In Shining moment, a stillness did hush…
The Immortal responded, my entire, oh did blush.
The Comfort did bind me with a blessed decree.
Love wrapped me with Rest; such Wonder is He.

© Linda Willows 2015


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