“Heaven is Open at the Bend of earth’s Heart”, a worship poem by Linda Willows


My soul does rise from unseen Breath
A spirit Holy gives me nest,
and though I have no place to rest
upon a promised loves request,
a newborn heart in me does crest.

Die to live and fall to rise.
What shapes the birth of a soul’s revise.
Heaven is open at the bend of earth’s heart.
Thus humbled; so Graced, God was never apart.

O rise within me. Grant open Your Sky.
Hear me from Your Kingdom High.
Light that shines too Bright to face.
Open my heart. Find me a place.

Take my ashes of old and scatter the wind.
My heart is repentant; so much to rescind.
In the light of your Glory, I bow at the door,
waiting upon your Love’s Joy in the fore.

How can I ever have words even ways,
that tell of the Love that I see in this gaze.
Only say this when you see me reach up,
she Loves Him, she’s with Him, for all of her days

© 2015 Linda Willows

photograph by David Pruess


7 thoughts on ““Heaven is Open at the Bend of earth’s Heart”, a worship poem by Linda Willows

  1. Linda, my soul is lifted by love faraway
    But whose spiritual love is near to stay
    And i find am blessed in a priceless way
    As i received a spiritual hug from my
    dear sister today!

    Your poem Linda is amazingly wonderful, and it is always nice to embrace your words as i always feel His spirits love inside all you share. Thanks for your recent visits…they really inspire me deeply. We are blessed together like spiritual twins sharing a ‘beloved’ place in our Gods heart as we praise him each day with our psalms of love. Hugs and blessings always my dear sister!


    1. what a dear and special message. It is tru e that we have shared our messages and prayers, both very much humble servants of The Lord and always learning and the great love increasing in the Heart for The Lord…it is a joyful share!!!


      1. Dear Linda – Reading your post from yesterday I have to say I had a sense of dance in your history. I just read a quote from Mark Twain I’d love to share “There are two special days in your life, the day you were born, and the day you find out why” … May your purpose always find you … Peter


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