“Songs that we sang, before time took its’ hold” ~a poem by Linda Willows

410fbbAAAAI wrote this poem several years ago, before I found Christ Jesus, before I experienced Grace and my life as known was completely altered. I deeply suffered in my heart. I wrote many poems to “hold it for me”. Today, my heart is full of joy, healing and there is no trace of the pain that once was. This is the power of Grace and God’s love. It is a miracle. We receive God the most when we are broken











“Songs that We Sang Before Time Took Its Hold” ~by Linda Willowss

All have gone on ahead, and I am left here with me.
The ones that followed can’t find passage to see-
The Heart that reached in and fell out far and strong
Forever, perhaps never- cast longing lifelong.

Songs that we sang before time took some holdt
Come back to me, tearfully in markings yet bold.
I step to the tunes but get lost on the day.
None can come alive from yesterday’s way.

All have gone ahead and I am left here with me,
Breathing, heart beating, no chance to foresee.
Destiny runs through life’s path with such will;
Unsightly, heartbreaking, yet ours to love still.


©republished in 2014, originally published, 2012 Linda Willows


3 thoughts on ““Songs that we sang, before time took its’ hold” ~a poem by Linda Willows

    1. I am made so very happy by the gift of your return…i always see God in all that you beautifully share…thanks Linda, please never stop writing…we all need their priceless beauty…have a wonderfully blessed week ahead!


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