“Sweet Roar” ~ a poem by Linda Willows


Lift off this frame that designs me so
My heart cannot still, it must learn to let go

Allowance may pour through the fount of Love’s door
Yet the fray of dark days sets new fires in my way
Pull through the flames those no less than Your Light
I could only know Love if it springs from dark night.

Lift my heart’s name that resigns me so
I cannot let Will be alone in such tow.

Come mark my door with the sacred Love’s pour
Beauty the wonder souls love, caress and birth then asunder.
Live out, hear the joy of Life humble lore, Its’ sweet roar.
I bless every tear, every love, every year.
God take the frame, for the soul, it is Near.

©2014 republish Linda Willows; © 2012 Linda Willow


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