Soul kiss…………….a wonder poem by Linda Willows

Heaven touched my face and lips,
as dew in gentle spirits kiss.
It rushed these Petals here for bliss
that I may feel Soul of such Wish.

Only in the gentle midst
Of sacred gather in such mists,
would I come to find the hush
that follows love’s first sacred rush.

That and all born tender such…
as Heaven finds my Heart’s love’s touch,
is wondrous, kind and dear to the tips
of Soul, met parts, of this Heart, due kissed.

©2012 Linda Willows, republished 2014

Photograph by Esteban Rios


3 thoughts on “Soul kiss…………….a wonder poem by Linda Willows

  1. Linda, it is wonderful to know you are well ! Your poetry is always beautiful to read and embrace the newness is always in your words! I feel blessed this morning to read them. Thanks for the pleasant blessing!


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