“Bowing to Love”…a worship poem by Linda Willows


My love joys in surrender’s embrace.

It empties to confess; hollows bare in Holy brace.

 Thy gentle court, how willingly, I seek your face,  I come to Thee.

My soul is fed, I am adoptee.

Holy instant bring prayers’ grace…

at the seal of atonement’s sacred decree.

I moaned with the rumble of rock and wave

Heart lifted its sin, into grace to save.

Jesu, my dear Lord your arms my enclave.

Bowing to Love is such joyous bend’s nest.

Oh I feel as I pray, I am to be Blessed.

Ecstatic love humbles, Gods’ door has been pressed.


© by Linda Willows 2014, 2017


10 thoughts on ““Bowing to Love”…a worship poem by Linda Willows

  1. This is the first time I have seen one of your posts. I will certainly return to read more. The only word that comes to mind is… Stunning! “surrender’s embrace” what a lovely way to say giving one’s heart to God.
    A Servant

  2. Dear Linda, How beautifully put are your words about Christ. We are sinners saved by grace through faith , through Christ alone! I believe you are the same Linda that I knew at Luigi’s dance studio in New York City in the late 70’s. If you are I would live to share Christ with you. My name is gail d’Addario

  3. Dear Gail, I am the same. Our Lord Jesus Christ is my heart and my life, I bow to no other. I am so happy to be reunited with you! email me at fellowshipinthebeloved@gmail.com …I am not in NYC, loved our dear maestro and went back again later! Praise Him as He brings us, His servant called together and walking forward in Love!

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