“Whispered Love”…. a devotion by Linda Willows


My heart does not belong to thee
It lives, yet now is earthly free.
Oh Vine that stood within all to be,
I found your tender roots in me.

How such divine could find me at last
I pulled the ends of my life through my past.
Can it be that this beauty at dawn
Had never left me, nor withdrawn…

That I instead had turned away,
For fear that Love had seen my decay.

Oh Godly might that comes in the night
We are certain, most dearly lifted to Light.
There is my Heart as it clings to Day’s Vine
Such Holy, oh whispered Love, may it ever be mine.

by Linda Willows

Photograph with gratitude to the talent of Robert Nozza


10 thoughts on ““Whispered Love”…. a devotion by Linda Willows

  1. And here the proof that prayers are answered – when whispered soft against the night. I am grateful for your return, dearest Linda. As always, your words reach to the marrow and we are blessed. ~ All my love (as ever) ~ Bobbie


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