Love whispers……a poem by Linda Willows

Owomanbutterfly55206 somy samanif
Alive in your land, all the flowers do bloom
the trees stand in grandeur,
they see heavens rooms.
All part as mercies,
bow sweetly your way
and Love whispers sing,
in the soft wind to pray.

How it all twines round
the earths beauty sweet,
leaning into more tender,
these blossoms of souls greet.

Find my heart midst
petals at thy dear feet
washed up to thee, singing to meet…

Garnished with holy vine
from the pearls of sea,
This one ever prayer, sent still from me.

Linda Willows

Photograph by Somy Samanif


32 thoughts on “Love whispers……a poem by Linda Willows

  1. You’re back! You’re back you’re back you’re back!!! Welcome back Linda.
    …”find me heart midst petals at thy dear feet…” ..lines like that filled with such tender romance. I have so very much missed.


  2. what a Beautiful surprise!
    I came by last week to absorb some of your words…thoughts
    I have missed your soft energy of calm and light…
    and of course your thought to paper is exquisite…
    Take Care…
    You Matter…


  3. Oh Linda, how wonderful to read your beautiful words again … you have been sorely missed and I was worried about you, my friend. I hope you are well. Sending you much love and gentle hugs ~ Julie xoxox


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