How I love you, child of mine ~by Linda Willows

How I love you, child of mine
more than a life, more than time.
Speak no more of past or crime
all was bleak, such seasons thine.
Each call hindered Heart and Vine.
There was no Hand to place in mine.

How could you know the ache that pours
when breath does want to spread its oars
held instead a captive of,
this long ago, this haunted love.

How I love you, now I pray
that God will find us all someday.
Where once was loss, may Grace find gain,
our breaths and hearts, one in Your Name.

Child of mine, you live in me
forever loved, for all to see
When I breathe let come to be…
our hearts joined in The Mystery.

©2013 Linda Willows

Photograph by Kemal Kemil


39 thoughts on “How I love you, child of mine ~by Linda Willows

  1. Your words take my breath away, Linda, even after being away for awhile. Beauty of a soul remains and this is proof. I hope you are doing well and Happy New Year. I am back, but probably in a slower pace…love and hugs to you, Lauren

    1. Dearest Lauren, I send so much love to you! I too, must pace myself, have limitations from health…yet the joy and love of a poem, and of sharing with this amazing “family” is so precious! So many beautiful souls…sending a big hug your way, Linda

  2. I read it over and over Linda, with sorrow for the loss gripping my heart. It is so beautiful and painful at the same time. Only you could express something so deep and meaningful. Lots of love to you my angel.

  3. This is beautiful Linda and stirred my senses, as I am to become a grandma again at the beginning of July. Such a precious feeling to think of a soul which can be enormous and spread so much love yet is right now merely the size of a little jumping bean. And for me, it is something to strive to stay well for too.

    I hope you are ok. Your reply to Lauren suggested you are not too well. My thoughts are with you.

    Much Love to you


    1. Congratulations, Christine on your good news of welcoming a dear soul into your family…Life, and Love is “enormous”, so much larger than we can even fathom…thank you for your good wishes, I am sending love to you! Linda

    1. So many thanks and my Love to you, Lesley…sometimes the most difficult experiences in our lives can also bring us closest to true understanding and experience of Love, and forge our Hearts nearer to God, as we would learn to put our own hands into the deeper fold of a Love which transcends and eternally Unites. We must see past and through, pain is only of things passing….Love to you, always, Linda

  4. Linda –
    Once again you take the reader on a journey in words that have layers of meaning, clearly the love of mother and child, the blessing of birth and connection through life, But also, the birth of anything we create and give to the world, and the ties to us that remain. I heard Patty Griffin in an interview talk about her songs this way, that she has to send them out into the word, to live a life of their own, but still wanting to hold on to them. Therein lives the mystery of the heart, and this is what you have given us here. Sent a child, one of your own creation to carry this message to our hearts. As always Beautiful Linda ….

    1. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom, Peter…so beautifully written and understood. You always find the deepest chord within a poem. I am so grateful for your vision! Love, Linda

  5. Beautiful, Linda. Such a pulling at the heart. Children are surely proof that there remains hope for the world (for a person whose hand wraps a smaller one). Wars and economic wondering are at once too big and too small to really matter much. It’s the everyday truths that go on – that adds up. It’s the crops and the sunrise; the reminder of salvation that burns in children’s bellies and their bright eyes. Good things don’t get lost in the shuffle. The best things never wandered further than our heart could recall. I love this. It is lovely, and it is you, Linda. Thank you for this precious gift of words. Always, we are children of the One Divine Heart. ~ Love you, Bobbie

    1. Yes, so beautifully put, Bobby, “Always, we are children of One Divine Heart”…this is the true message of Love, we are each Child, wanting, waiting…Child learning…Child Found, Innocence, Love and the Redemption ever ready to hold the hand that Reaches….all directions lead to Home….sending all my love to you, Linda

  6. Linda, lovely words and lovely thoughts as usual… I had had an inkling that you were not as well as usual… but hope that all is well now, and that all manner of thing are well…..

    1. Thank you my Dear Valerie…amazing how we “know” and can sense one another…this is such a community of Heart! I appreciate your kind wishes so much. Doing the best that I can… perhaps not able to contribute as often online. Am feeling all Love and Peace though, life is so full of Its Miracles and Blessings. Love you so much, Linda

  7. Oh Linda – this is just so moving in many ways – sad but bittersweet too “Where once was lost, may grace find again..”.

    Reread this one 6 times in all. This has to be one of my very favorites of yours. I am so glad I just popped over here as I was thinking of you and wondered how you were — realizing you were not posting as frequently. Somehow I was never notified of this post in my reader. In any case, hope you are doing ok on the physical side of things. You are in my heart always — So much Love to you ~ Robyn

    1. Thank you deeply, Robyn. I am so glad that you liked this poem…so important to see that Love and Grace are more powerful than any circumstances or history, that in that in the Holy Moment of Present Heart…of the Presence in the Heart….All is found. Thank you for your good wishes! I send so much love your way, Linda

  8. Dear Linda, my heart began to weep as I read this … your words are heart-wrenchingly beautiful, the love welling from the depths of your heart and soul pierces my own … sending you healing thoughts, prayers and much love, dear friend. Julie xoxox

  9. So perfect and eloquent I am left speechless…..I wish I had words to express where this poem took me, but alas they fail me….that being said, I felt a presence and a wisdom older than time visit and rest upon me in my muted silence,where I keenly understood that which I could not express……sometimes silence is all that is needed, I suppose…..Thank you for another lovely blessing for the day… you, my beautiful friend…..

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