Oh Wrap my self through, Lord ~by Linda Willows

OskyF500292Barry Wayne AckermanYou are my Heart, the fire, my sight in the night
bearer of wisdom and keeper of Light.
Stay near, I love, I give you my life…
Not part, but all and atonement from strife.

Bear from my soul, a humble walk’s bend,
to Your shining extend, a Grace without end.
Keep me, Receive Me, Oh wrap my self through,
Find me with Heart, one given to You.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Barry Wayne Ackerman


18 thoughts on “Oh Wrap my self through, Lord ~by Linda Willows

  1. Beautiful words – a prayer from the heart and soul … just lovely, dear friend. Wishing you a blessed Christmas and wonderful Holiday Season filled with peace, love and light, dear Linda. ~ Much love and hugs, Julie xoxox


  2. Exquisite (as always) dear Linda. May your Christmas be filled with the blessings of love, laughter, and thanks for this holiest of days. Merry Christmas, my friend. ~ Always with love, Bobbie


  3. Linda, as I recuperate this day, i am so lifted and filled with certain strength as i embrace the strength in your words of your psalm so lovingly shared with Him whom we love deeply! Merry Christmas and I hope your day was so wonderful and blessed as you have made mine this morning! Thanks for the soothing peace you always bring and also the healing light! Your psalm is so very awesome! Much love and God bless dear sister!


    1. I send prayers for your recuperation and all blessings now and in the New Year, Wendell…you are a beautiful and deserving soul, have given so much joy and love to others in the past year. I honor you and the work that you do from your devoted Heart! Love Linda


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