My Prayer ~Linda Willows….”tears reach upwards…”

Last night most us had a moment of pause after the unspeakable events that unfolded during the day at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The shock of what happened was so great that for many, it took time to fathom the unthinkable. We each found the “hour” when the tidal wave of grief from this tragedy struck and we bowed our heads in prayer for the suffering of the families, the children and the indelible wound that has marked the Heart of our Society.

Late into the night, my chest tightened, eyes could not stay closed; I sat upright and curled forward into deep sobbing. I felt all the Vigils, all the prayers and was moved to join with those of Love and Goodwill of every faith that were creating light in this world, Love here and hereafter by turning to God. This one call is the greatest and most powerful one, It bids all that is Holy to enter into our Lives. It can turn our tears into waters which nourish a healing that inspires action, compassionate living and change.

When I am alone in the wee hours of the morning, I too can become like a child. I can fear. I can want to feel safe. Tears reach upwards.  As a child of God, I pray…

“Lord, come close to me. Keep me folded in your Breast. Let me be Near and Know You. Hear my Heart as it calls in Love for You. Dear Lord; I turn my face to You, seeking to know Your Way in all things. Help me to fill with Light and Love that Compassion and Healing may form as a lamp within my Heart.

For Your Presence, I am grateful,  humbled by the power of Your Love and Divine Embrace. For You, Lord, I turn to my own Heart and to this World with Love. Light the Lantern, my God, as I walk and breathe and live forward.”


With all of my Love to each and all,


33 thoughts on “My Prayer ~Linda Willows….”tears reach upwards…”

    1. Yes, John…I agree in not being able to fathom an understanding of this. Explanations may be put forward by mental health experts and commentaries of our society but I will still not understand……

    1. Oh Lesley, yes and we are all so connected as well. My two sons used to go to school in a quiet Connecticut town. I chose the particular town because I felt it was the safest place I could find….

  1. Linda, I could feel the ripples of emotion pouring through your words, and as we know the healing will come through the heart. Our choice has to be love and compassion. This moment is a lamp in the wilderness showing us a new way … A way we can only follow with the heart to a place were Angels hold out their hands to us … They have led the way … Shall we follow with our hearts? Much love – Peter

    1. Thank you Peter, our Heart must grow brighter with a Love that reflects more caring and compassion for the welfare of the “other”, a turning which reveals family, the child and the importance of a deep Spiritual Roots as an essential Value….’for all faiths encouraged’….that the Angels and all that is Sacred may be heard and known as Near….

  2. We can only seek comfort from God in these troubled times. My prayers are with the families and the community in Newtown. I also pray for everyone who experience the trauma of these events. We are all experiencing a national tragedy.


  3. Linda, dear friend, my heart is still aching with the tragedy, and this lovely prayer brings fresh tears which my soul welcomes in its need to release my love to those innocent lives lost – their friends and families, and also to the first responders who faced and had to deal with the aftermath of such devastation. When will we understand, what will it take, for us to finally realize that we are all One – all brothers and sisters of humanity … that all children of the world are our children, to nurture, love and protect. Sending much love, healing thoughts and prayers. ~ Julie xoxox

    1. I believe that we are all One….that all children of the world are as our own to protect and love and that the embrace of Caring needs to widen, beautifully spoken Julie….I remember in my work years ago….the suffering of children is the most difficult to bear and yet, even now, there are so many that suffer in the world and need Care, Love and the Embrace of a just Humanity…..

  4. Linda thank you dear soul for helping guide me through my own devastation around this tragedy. I have been at a loss in trying to soothe myself since learning of this horrific event… and can never quite find peace around this type of occurrence. I will continue to pray for the victims and their families… and look for that “healing lamp” within my own heart too… this was beautiful… Love to you always ~ R

  5. Thank you for putting into the words I could not come up with. Throughout the day, I had waves of grief washing over me in such a way I couldn’t even begin to describe. My daughter and I got on our knees to pray. I ask God “to comfort the ones directly effected by this tragedy and went on about healing their pain and feeling them with comfort that even though we don’t and can’t understand why he would allow such a tragedy to occur, that in our hearts we will rely and trust him and one day we will see the big picture and the good that will come from it. Thy will be done”… I also said other things, but another wave of grief washed over my daughter and myself and we just held each other and together cried cleansing tears. Thank you for sharing your prayer. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. It is good when compassionate souls touch others, together as one we can heal this broken world.

    1. Thank you, Sammi for such a heart felt sharing of your own experience. It helps us all. I felt each word that you wrote in my own heart. I feel that you are so true when you say that as compassionate souls touch others and one another…it does help to heal what is broken….sending my love to you, Linda

    1. thank you for writing and for all of your special words from the heart before. I was most touched by your spirit. thank you again for such a kindness. You are so right in this comment….how can guns be in homes…it is impossible to understand….

  6. Let our tears clear our vision, and let loose our hearts. This is beautiful, Linda, and I too bent double with ache and sorrow for our loss. Surely the heavens cried as well. Let us love; let us live in the light that is His love, our hope. ~ Always, Bobbie

  7. We will greive hopefully for anyone who passes from this world, because of what lives in our hearts placed there by God. To me nothing is worse than the loss of a child, because they should outlive us who are their parents and have full and peaceful lives, God willing even raising children of their own. Linda your words inspire greatly, and you always lift as you have done here so wonderfully. I share the sentiments of your heart and pray for all the families and the town of Newton and the surrounding areas as a whole, and for our country that true peace might one day come. As one who has lost very young children…all will be touched hurtfully for some time to come, and yet we know God can heal the broken heart,and breathe peace within! He healed my heart, so I know what He can do for our brothers and sisters who are suffering now. May our prayers comfort them and may our God embrace them ever. Much love to you always and God Bless!

  8. Dear my friend , I wish to you a Merry Christmas to be blessed with happiness, good health, prosperity, and also your entire family!
    With much love, Stefan

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